Welcome to Sneakerphiles

Hey Gang,

Welcome to Sneakerphiles, the home of the Sneakerphiles Podcast. Our purpose is to present our views and opinions on the sneaker community as we know it, and the state that we think it will be headed.  

The goal of our Podcast is to explore our knowledge, opinions, experiences, and predictions on the great community we've all had our part in building.  Our intention is to express our love and passion for sneakers, the culture, along with everything surrounding it.  May it be a sport, an athlete, a celebrity, nostalgia, or even just pure profit, all the most interesting aspects of the game will, at one time or another, be dissected in-depth. 

We have our opinions, and at times, strong ones, should be viewed as just that; opinions.  Just thoughts that a few knuckle heads conjured up while we were talking about shoes.  

We hope that you will enjoy the website as information, articles, and flex photos and videos will be featured regularly.  

Thank you all for checking us out, and please leave me a comment on what you would want to hear, see, or just any suggestions you may have in general that will help me deliver what kind of content you would like to ingest.  Oh yes, and please tell you friends about us.

Happy Hunting!